To soothe my soul,
I meditate through painting & paint through meditation…

Jaswant earned a Degree in Painting at the College of Art Chandigarh. Upon graduation, he lectured for the Government Polytechnic in Ambala City India. has exhibited in many art exhibits throughout India, Kenya, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. He has received several awards. His paintings are included in the permanent collections of Galleries, Museums and private collectors throughout the world. He lives in Brampton Canada.

Many people ask me what goes through my mind when I paint…

This question has come to haunt me as it has a massive bearing upon the work that I create. I deal with imaginative and spiritual subjects based on oriental practices of soul searching. The images I use are prominently personal, often arriving as visions through deep meditation and inner exploration. I enjoy meditation because of this, it allows me to tap into hidden reservoirs of intuition

But I live in the real world, where I want to share my visions with others. Naturally, I have to be comfortable with what I exhibit. have my own standards of what I feel is appropriate, and indeed, it is important to me how the paintings will be experienced by you.

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