Fine Art Studio

Working on the spiritual subjects, as an artist I create paintings that speak to the depths of my soul. Watching my art work on social media and other platforms, many people felt the same connection. It made me feel whole, it made me feel calm, and it made me feel that I could finally make sense of the world around me, that sparked joy within my heart.

There are original paintings in the studio that are available to purchase. They are in various sizes and mediums including acrylic or oil on canvas, or mixed media on paper. These original paintings are created on museum quality canvas using highest quality art materials. In my studio collection, these relaxing, peaceful and soothing paintings painted consciously making them unique in style and colour. Paintings holds so much emotion and drama that it’s sure to create a striking focal point in your space.

Fine Art Prints

I think my paintings speak to the depths of my soul and watching my art work on social media and other platforms many people felt the same connection and began reaching out to buy my artworks. I create my own meaningful path that allow me to spread a little bit of joy and happiness as I went along. I am aiming to make my art more accessible for all collectors. So now my paintings are available to all art lovers in the form of prints in various sizes on archival canvas and paper. Prints on canvas would represent true colors of the original painting and have a finish which would make it look like an original oil or acrylic painting.

Signature Series Prints

Jaswant’s fine art prints provides a luminosity and brilliance that represents the original artwork reproduction in the best technique available.