About The Artist

Jaswant Singh is an internationally recognized artist, art educator, and published author with a focus on spiritual themes in his art. He has spent the last 45 years pouring his heart and soul into his craft. Jaswant has been featured in multiple international publications and TV shows, and his paintings can be found in the homes and private collections of clients both near and far.

As a painter, Jaswant is captivated by cosmic wonders and the flight of the Self. Birds, clouds, rivers, and the ocean are salient features in his paintings. His work reflects an inward quest, where size and color are fluid, emphasizing that everything is in a state of constant journey and transformation. His paintings are dynamic and fluent, suggesting that nothing in life is static.

Although Jaswant often centers his paintings around spiritual themes, his modernist consciousness sets him apart from other artists exploring similar motifs. He received his degree in painting from the Art College in Chandigarh and has won accolades at several national and international art exhibitions. After graduation, he lectured at the Government Polytechnic in Ambala City, India, for a few years. Jaswant then migrated to Nairobi, Kenya, where he created many paintings of African wildlife. In the late nineties, he moved to North America. He exhibited his work in India, Kenya, UK,  USA, and Canada. His paintings are featured in galleries, museums, and private collections worldwide. Currently, Jaswant lives in Brampton, Ontario, with his family, painting from his cozy home-based studio.